Monday, September 1, 2014

Shannon's challenge.... :)

First of all I have to mention that I haven't done a post in SO long I don't really know if I remember how....!
Second my main excuse is nothing really interesting to blog about but I know I tell myself all the time don't wait for the big things, just blog about the small things....
Third, I am in no way going to try and upload pictures, the internet where we are staying is PAINFULLY slow just connecting so I can't imagine trying to upload pictures....
OK, well onto the challenge because your probably all bored by now!
1. Favorite memory from June:
It's hard for me to even remember back that far lol, but I would say the weekend I went to Seattle to go to Ashleigh's homecoming. I got to see David & Tiffany & kids including new baby, see friends and hear Ashleigh's homecoming talk, and be a guest at Margot's blessing.
2. Favorite memory from July:
Hmmmm, this was tough because all I really remember was the fire, but tbe weekend before the fire Elena and her two girls, Allyson and Ashleigh came over for a girls weekend. We had a lot of fun just doing what we girls wanted including crafts, hiking, eating, beach time, cooking smores etc... so that is probably my best memory.
3. Favorite memory from August:
Honestly this summer will probably go down as one of my very least favorites but in trying to stay positive a couple things that stand out in August are: 1. going to the Waterville Fair with some friends from church and enjoying a country concert, the many generous things people did for us because of the fire & being invited out on the Hinckleys boat one Saturday that I would of sat home all by myself (Bob is working 7 days a week right now) so it was nice to have something to do!
4. Best thing I ate over summer vacation:
What comes to mind right off the top of my head would be Blueberry Hills - went there twice and it never disappoints - the french dip, coconut waffles, blueberry shake, blintz, & machkaka (I know this is spelled wrong lol)!
5. Something I wish I did but never got around too:
Hike Silver Falls
6. Favorite song right now:
Oh man I have a few:
Dirt by Florida Georgia Line, Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, & any song that isn't sad.
7. Favorite Fall Fashion Item:
Ok, so another tough one - toss up between boots & scarves!
8. Favorite thing to do with family in the fall:
Well I would agree with Shannon but I would say what I am looking forward to doing this fall is going to Puyallup Fair for Bob's birthday & going to Toby Keith concert there.
9. What I can't wait to cook/eat this fall:
anything pumpkin pretty much! and since we live in middle of orchard wanna experiment with apples too!
10. A goal I have for this school year:
Don't go to school anymore or have kids at home who do (yes kids away that do but they are big and live their own lives now!) so my goal is to keep exercising and lose the 8 pounds I need to this September. It's been a summer of stress eating so it's time to knock it off! :)

Phew I did it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Got to start somewhere, sometime, somehow.......

I know most everyone has seen these pictures but I am so far behind in blogging and I am sure you are ready to see something else besides my Christmas background design! So, I need to get started and I will start with the most obvious, most recent excitement around here! (it will probably go downhill from here lol....)
It is really exciting watching the plane land and watching Kyle come out the door of the airplane. I can't even explain how I felt at that time, but one day if you have this experience you will know too!
Here we are waiting.....It was so nice of our family near (Kurt, Shannon, Joe) & far (mom, dad, Shareen, Kristie) to be there with us. Thank you so much for coming, my only regret is that I felt so busy cooking and being the hostess I didn't get to visit as much as I would have liked too!

 Hugs for everyone.....

 Katie surprised Kyle, he didn't know she was going to be there but thanks to mom & dad she was!
 David, Tiffany, Sean & Audrey came, a little late but they got there! :)
 I wanted this to be my last picture but oh well, here we all are!

The End.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Man it's been a while since I blogged! At times when I am doing random things I think "I should blog about this".....and that is as far as it gets. Just a thought in my head! :) Anyway this is going to be a long, rambling post and I am not even going to guarantee that the pictures are in any sort of order.
So, here it goes......

Sean's celebrated his 3rd birthday! I am not going to go into the details of that party so if you want specifics you can always call me for the juicy details.....
Getting to see the kids was for sure the only highlight......
I enjoy decorating for the seasons.....fall is my second favorite!

By far our biggest project this fall has been painting our house. It was so much more work than I could EVER imagine. It has taken most of the month of October. Why so long you ask? Well, first of all since it was new siding we had A LOT of prep work that had to be done. Bob is the kind of "prep". Basically I am exhausted by the time we finish prepping and the real work hasn't even started yet....anyway we are basically done now. This isn't the best picture because of lighting but oh well. When I say basically there are a few more things Bob needs to do, mostly finish putting up "flashing" all along the roof line and some other tasks that you probably really aren't interested in hearing about!
YW always keeps me on my toes.....these are some handouts I did a few weeks back. Our YW in Excellence is coming right up and there will be more pictures to follow.....let's just say after our presidency meeting today I am sooooo excited for it! :)
I think everyone probably saw this picture on FB. Let's just say my work makes a BIG DEAL about Halloween. If you don't dress up you might as well just put in your two week notice, ha. To me its just one more thing I have to do that really I don't care about. I guess I won't win the most inspirational award but hey, I got a costume, wore it to work and had a smile on my face so that counts for something right?

And last but not least, we had some visitors the other morning! Bob took these from inside with his phone. Pretty cool huh?!
Happy November everyone!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Visit

A few weeks ago David, Tiffany & kids were able to visit for a few days. Enjoy the pictures from one of our outings to the little beach right in our own neighborhood!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Bob took this picture from the roof of our house tonight, the fire is on the other side of the Columbia River... 
 This second picture is one he took closer to Brewster, he drove a little way up one of the canyons to get a good shot....
We are not in any danger but it is awfully close when you can just stand out in your driveway and see it across the river! It started this afternoon and continues to grow....(don't know the cause as of yet)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Splurge....

I debated for a week how to best spend my birthday money....You know me I love a bargain and my goal is usually to get the absolute most I can for my money but I also was considering a purchase that would take all of it. I was eyeing a certain pair of boots from Nordstroms (anniversary sale!)
They came in the mail yesterday and I am soooo happy! Can't wait to wear them!
were quite pricey. Back and forth. Couldn't decide. Well the boots won out, I even had Elena go check em out for me in person : )
They came in the mail yesterday and I am soooo happy! Can't wait to wear them!

(I know these weren't your fav Julie but they won me over lol!) As you can see they are slightly cowboy-ish, but not too cowboy-ish and they are vintage-y. LOVE.
Thanks mom, dad and Marny (Bob's mom)!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lookie what we have.....

A family of quails! The babies are soooooo cute and are probably some of the smallest I have seen in person! ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

It's always something.....

I realized June is almost over and I have not done one post! Shame on me!
So I decided on the title of this post because isn't it really true? It's always something it seems, big or small.
When I got home from work today Bob's simple project of painting a door for someone turned into a mess as the sprayer he used decided to "blow up" and he ended up covered in paint splatter from head to toe. After he got that mess cleaned up he discovered the disposal was clogged. It may or may not have been due to someone (heehee) dumping a bunch of sticky rice down the disposal and then not properly turning on the "on" button and running water long enough. Whoops. So the rice pretty much turned to glue in I ended up with this mess as Bob thought he was just going to clean out the disposal but then found out there was a crack in it and for sometime now had been spraying all kinds of liquid under the sink, yay!!
As I's always something.

Monday, May 28, 2012

YIKES, May is almost over.....

So, first up Mother's Day....
of course the best part about the day was skyping with Kyle! We did a 3-way with Brian, Chantelle and us.
Katie talked to Kyle on the phone seperately because she had gone with a friend that week-end to Boise.
 Next, I cannot say enough how AWESOME it was to get this SURPRISE in the mail!!
Believe me, the stuff was out of my old purse and into this one pretty darn fast!
Love it!
 The picture isn't very good, but I think we finally finished our "wall".
Bob got the pictures printed out for the one window frame and we finished our ladder project.
I really, really like. Oh, and don't worry we aren't leaving that one stray mat in the small 3 pane window, we were just seeing how it looked.
 I also found a lamp for the corner that I love, (I am saying that  alot!) I got it at Target so the price is right too! Also, you might not be a fan and I understand, but suitcases as night stands or side tables is a trendy vintage-y home decorating style!
 And believe me, whenever I feel a little sad or am having a bad day, I just look at her picture and I have to smile!! :)
Hope your May was a good one....
see ya next month